As the core of the hyperconnected OR, the Helion Integrated Surgical System acts as a gateway at your fingertips. This award-winning system can streamline any surgical workflows: from patient data access to video management and device control, from documentation to live remote communication. The Helion system increases the efficiency of your procedural workflows - from accelerated setup, flexible display and recording options - to improved collaboration and smoother room turnover.



Improve Intra-operative Efficiency

Balance patient safety with operational efficiency and throughput. Seamlessly manage all your equipment connections. Maintain focus on your patient and the surgery at hand.

  • Rapid Room Setup – Quickly establish preset room configurations with one-touch functions and pull patient information from the EHR or PACS, all from a single touch screen, to accelerate room setup and turnover. 
  • 8K ready – Various video resolutions, up to 4K with full 3D support and 8K ready, give ultra high-definition details in real-time, providing clear visibility to patient images, improving surgery quality and enhancing collaborations.  
  • Intuitive Technology – Achieve excellent performance with minimal effort through drag and drop control, automatic video source detection, simultaneous access to live previews, split-screen views and recording and conferencing shortcuts. 


Clinician in an OR room featuring the Helion System.


OR monitor featuring a Helion System video conference call.

Enhanced Staff Communication and Focus

Poised to give care teams more visibility and control while caring for patients, the Helion system's intuitive technology enriches collaboration to keep you informed and help you avoid delays. Connect, collaborate, and consult with the others, no matter where they are in the world, so you can stay focused and deliver more effective, more human care when it matters most.

  • Facilitate staff communication – Connect with external staff through high-definition video conferencing and streaming capabilities, to improve patient outcomes.
  • Promote team confidence – Immediately access information when you need it with high-performance video technology through zero latency routing, video recording and image capture for two sources, and options to export saved files to PACS or network folders.




State-of-the-Art Video Integration Technology: Redefining ORI

With the integrated Fluid and Anywhere solutions from Therapixel, the comprehensive Helion system can improve your OR’s workflow, data processing and access for better time management – and better patient outcomes.

Fluid – Touchless Gesture Technology

  • Access medical images – acquired before or during surgery – while keeping your equipment sterile and 10X faster than voice-controlling a surgical assistant.
  • Perform hand gestures, which can be transformed into control commands for the system, preserving the sterile condition and improving efficiency.
  • Connect to the OR planning software to optimize image synchronization to fully integrate and comply with DICOM and HL7 technology.

Anywhere – Unlimited Access and Power

  • Manage, share and send images and data both inside and outside the OR.
  • Provide remote access to colleagues for consultation with image viewing, manipulation and annotation.
  • Collaborate in shared sessions no matter where you are – on PCs or mobile devices – so you can get the information you need, when you need it.
Clinician hanging an IV bag next to boom with Helion System on boom shelf.
Clinician hanging an IV bag next to boom with Helion System on boom shelf.

Complete Servicing

We provide total customer support with surgical solutions tailored to your clinical and technical needs so your surgical teams can perform at their best.

  • Total Assistance – Experience extensive servicing from system design to ongoing assistance as you create the integrated surgical system suitable for your needs.
  • Remote Service  – Once you've selected your Helion system configuration, we’ll be there every step of the way with remote support through faster, COVID-friendly virtual service calls.





As a singular integrated surgical solution, the Helion system transforms the technical capabilities of the OR. Install it up in less than a day, and learn to use it in less than an hour.

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Enhanced Usability

Intuitive drag and drop functionality supports faster room setup and turnover times with preset room configuration settings and quick access buttons that facilitate one-touch functions on the screen.

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Powerful Technology

Ultra-high definition video routing with zero latency ensures you always capture significant surgical moments for your records while keeping your care teams working consistently and productively.

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Connectivity within Reach 

Dual channels and layout options give surgeons maximum flexibility for sharing video sources with staff outside the OR. Multiple video sources are combined into one view so the surgical team can view and share more information through a single display. Minimize delays and improve patient outcomes with video conferencing and streaming capabilities. 

Helion boxes
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Helion Integrated Surgical System



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